China has been in the Olympic circuit for the last 23yrs and since then they have won:
112 Gold, 94 Silver, 75 Bronze in the Summer Olympics and 4 Gold, 16 Silver, 13 Bronze in the Winter Olympics. China is the select few countries who have medal count more than 100 in gold.
China is surely looking at increasing the medal counts and this time for each gold won they are issuing special stamps.
The company issuing them said each stamp would be imprinted with the China delegation logo, patterns on both sides of the gold medals, the name of each medalist with a photo them receiving the medals, when and where the medals were won, against the Olympic "auspicious cloud" background.

The stamp folders will include nine stamps for single and double players, five for team players, sold at 30 yuan (4.4 U.S. dollars) for each folder.

The commemorative envelopes will feature photos of athletes winning and receiving the medals, and will be stamped with postmarks of Olympic venues and addressed to mailbox No. 102008-1,dated with the day when the medal is claimed.

So even the philatelists are going for gold in the Beijing Olympics this time.